Why Books for Millennials?

In my research for my master’s thesis, my question was: why do adults read young adult books?

In the process of my research, I conducted a survey aimed at readers to get their opinions. And my survey got 2,139 responses.

Most of the people who responded to my survey were millennials. Who read a lot of YA. And they’re reading a lot of YA because they can’t find anything they relate to in the adult fiction category.

This site aims to help people find books they’ll relate to. Books that touch what millennials struggle with today. Whether you’re looking for a book to escape, you want a sweet middle-grade read, or you want something that touches into harder topics, I’ll be recommending books for you. This site isn’t only a recommendations site––it’s meant to be a space for community.

Another thing I learned from the survey is that we young adults don’t have a ton of time. We need information quickly. My recommendations are structured like so:

Pretend book recommendation:

Basic premise: a woman fights for her right to the throne.

  • Fantasy elements
  • Dual perspective
  • Fast-paced

I basically give you an idea of the content of the book so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Thanks for being here, and enjoy!

6 months ago

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