Women-Centric Fantasy Series

I’m all about fantasy that features women at the forefront.

We don’t have enough of them.

Here are my recommendations.

The Queen of Blood

Basic premise: in a world where deadly spirits create nature, queens are chosen to protect the people.

  • Incredible writing
  • Lush world with lots of easy to access worldbuilding
  • Set partially in a magic school!
  • Morally grey characters
  • Perfect to read if you like Laini Taylor’s books or Sarah J Maas’s books

The Bear and the Nightingale

Basic premise: set in Russia in the 1400s, a young girl grows up believing in spirits and folklore, and meets superstition from her conservative town.

  • Set in the wintertime
  • Writing is poetic without being burdening on the mind
  • Full of folklore and magic
  • The first book is a slow-burn plot, the next books are more packed with adventure
  • Read if you like Laini Taylor and fairytales/folklore

8 months ago

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