Adult Books to Devour

Are you in the mood for a romance?

The Hating Game:

Basic premise: two people are forced to work together after their publishing companies merge.

  • Hate to love romance
  • Set in a publishing house
  • Page-turner
  • Sexual tension for days
  • Hilarious characters

My Oxford Year

Basic premise: a girl decides to study abroad in Oxford and meets a boy she fancies.

  • Set in England!
  • Hate to love romance (can you tell I like that trope)
  • Study abroad setting
  • Literature major
  • Page turner and fun read
  • Content warning for illness!

One Day in December

Basic premise: a man and woman see each other one night in December; their lives are changed.

  • Set in England! (yeah I’ an anglophile)
  • Methodical prose (not a page-turner, more of a book to dig into)
  • Set over a 10-year period
  • Extremely relatable for people struggling to find careers
  • Not just a winter read––easily enjoyable anytime of the year
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