Middle-Grade Books You’ll Love

Here are some magical middle reads books you’ll love.

Snow and Rose

Basic premise: sisters must try and find their father, who disappeared in the forest.

  • Fairy-tale like
  • Magical realism feel
  • Incredible art
  • Sisters story!
  • Incredible prose
  • Fast read that will leave you feeling full


Basic premise: a young girl realizes she’s transgender and transitions from boy to girl.

  • About a transgender character!!!
  • Sweet easy to read voice
  • Supportive family
  • Happy story! (transgender people deserve happy endings too!!! They aren’t all tragedies!)

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Basic premise: a girl learns that she’s an elf, and she hails from a fantasy kingdom. She attends school to learn to use her powers.

  • If you like Harry Potter then you’ll like this (I’m serious)
  • Female-power story
  • Portal fantasy
  • Incredible characters
  • Page turner
  • Mysterious premise that keeps you wanting more
  • Long, long series to dig into!
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